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If you enjoy naija comedy and enjoy being cracked up by the likes of Basketmouth (Bright Okpocha), Okey Bakassi and Hush Baby, then, My Flatmates is the television series for you. You are in for a good deal: the chance to see your favourite comedians almost every day without having to buy a single ticket, VIP or regular. Nice, I know! My flatmates is a Situational Comedy and it tells the story of four friends who share an apartment. Their co-habitation results in all kinds of commotion and hilarious events one can think of.


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If you are 18 years or older and grew in Nigeria, you can attest to the fact that there weren’t many Nigerian TV series to look forward to as a child. One of the few drama series that characterised our childhood was Flatmates which starred Basketmouth, Annie Macaulay (now Idibia), Yaw and others. The series went off our television sets for many years and has only recently been revamped and brought back to us through the collaboration of Basketmouth and Kayode Peters. Just like the old show, My Flatmates has a star-studded cast of Basketmouth, Yaw, Hush Baby, Wofa Ifada and more. The sitcom is produced by Kayode Peters and directed by John Njamah. Flatmates airs weekdays at 6.30pm on DStv, Africa Magic Showcase channel 151.
If laughter is indeed the best medicine, one would expect that My Flatmates will be the leading pharmaceutical company in that regard: considering how the show is packed full with successful comedians. Sadly, this isn’t the case for My Flatmates. It’s safe to say that the drama series isn’t as funny as one would expect it to be. Since one can sit through an entire episode and find that one is not laughing as hard as one had hoped to. It is important to point out that the characterisation and cast profiling of his drama is not very well done. An essential criterion of any work of art is plausibility and My Flatmates fails in this regard. One would wonder what kind of couple Wofa Ifada and Okey Bakassi are, for instance.

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Moreover, My Flatmates helps us further understand the significance of career specialisation. Though comedians, actors, and musicians are all regarded (using umbrella terms) as entertainers, artistes etc.; this series explains the reason comedians should not take on the job of actors and vice versa.
In the same vein, it is okay that the comedians cum actors are allowed to improvise and free style in delivering their lines and how naturally the dialogues come along but it depletes the organisation and cohesion of the drama. The writers should make an effort to see that the story is better organised to ensure that one issue is properly explored and discussed before jumping unto another issue. In order words, the writers should endeavour to make events unfold in a sequential and creative manner to the delight of the viewers.
Despite the aspects where My Flatmates has not been very successful, the central idea of four friends who are cohabiting and hustling to make it in Lagos remains conspicuous. The mere fact that Google is a major sponsor of the show with the catch phrase “fuel your hustle” point to this. Also, it is beautiful the way new talents like Prosper and Titus have been incorporated into the series as a way of setting them on the way to stardom. Titus is a hilarious character and one of the interesting characters to watch in this show.
The general impression one gets from watching a few episodes of My Flatmates is that it is an easy, not-too-serious, every-day-life kind of television series. That is, something to help the average Nigerian unwind after a hectic day. If this is the aim of the aim of the cast and crew then they have been largely successful. My Flatmates gets 3 points out of 5!


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