Mother of the H&M child model moves to a different home in Sweden ‘for security’ reasons


The mother of the five-year-old H&M model caught up in a racism row confirms to the BBC that her family has moved to a different house in Sweden “for security reasons.”


This comes after photos of her son Liam Mango modelling a “coolest monkey in the jungle” hoodie went viral, with social media users accusing H&M of racism.  Many more people got angry when Liam’s mother Terry Mango defended the brand and told people to stop “crying wolf.”


Despite the backlash she has faced, Terry Mango still doesn’t believe H&M had a racist agenda. “I respect other people’s opinion on the issue. I know racism exists, but does the shirt to me speak racism? No it doesn’t,” she told BBC.


The family have moved out of their house in Stockholm following “security concerns” Mrs Mango added. Though she did not elaborate on the safety reasons, she said the attacks on H&M stores in and around Johannesburg were one reason for the move.